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2006/12/22 - I've created a raw release of the MWI (Mon Web Interface) which is a direct copy of the code running off of the Alpha test page from the news below. Go to the Files Page for the download links. Some of the functions will not work correctly which is expected with an alpha release. Anyways, go and enjoy.

2006/07/07 - Imported legacy release of mon.cgi v2.2 and development code for mon.cgi v3 in to CVS.

Live alpha demo release here.


mon is a general-purpose scheduler and alert management tool used for monitoring service availability and triggering alerts upon failure detection. mon was designed to be open and extensible in the sense that it supports arbitrary monitoring facilities and alert methods via a common interface, all of which are easily implemented with programs in C, Perl, shell, etc., SNMP traps, and special mon traps.

mon views resource monitoring as two separate tasks: the testing of a condition, and triggering an action upon failure. mon was designed to implement the testing and action-taking tasks as separate, stand-alone programs. mon is fundamentally a scheduler which executes the monitors (each test a specific condition), and calls the appropriate alerts if the monitor fails. The decision to invoke an alert is governed by logic which offers various "squelch" features and dependencies, all of which are configurable by the user.

Monitors and alerts are not a part of the core mon server, even though the distribution comes with a handful of them to get you started. This means that if a new service needs monitoring, or if a new alert is necessary, the mon server does not need to be changed. This makes mon easily extensible.

That is from Jim Trocki who wrote mon, Im currently maintaining a web interface that works with mon which was based from Arthur K. Chans original mon.cgi.